Buy-side Assignments

We specialize in the sale and recapitalizations of middle market companies. We educate and work closely with clients to obtain the best combination of price, deal terms and cultural compatibility. Success is achieved by thorough preparation, creating a discreet but competitive bidding process, actively managing the sale process and utilizing an experienced investment bank like MHH.

Among other appropriate services, we will:

  • Explore our client’s goals and review alternatives;
  • Conduct a thorough review of the client’s business, services/products, markets, operations, financial results, management and prospects;
  • Value the company;
  • Prepare a Confidential Information Memorandum highlighting our client’s unique attributes and prospects;
  • Identify and contact a qualified group of strategic and/or financial buyers;
  • Manage site visits and initial due diligence inquiries from potential buyers/investors;
  • Solicit, evaluate and negotiate offers;
  • Assist clients with buyer’s closing due diligence; and
  • Review closing documents to ensure consistency with the offer and assist in negotiating key terms such as escrows, representations and warranties and employment agreements.